Granite State Appraisal Management, LLC was formed with both lenders and appraisers in mind.

For Lenders, we provide a critical compliance tool, ensuring a “firewall” between lenders and appraisers intended to eliminate concerns regarding lenders influencing the appraisal process.


Granite State Appraisal Management maintains an appraiser panel of professionals whose experience, licensing and quality of work have been thoroughly vetted.


The E-trac software that we utilize provides a seamless process of ordering and tracking appraisals.  That software, along with our individual compliance review of every appraisal, results in your receiving quality appraisals that meet all current regulatory requirements.


We included “Granite State” in our name because we intend to limit our services to New Hampshire lenders, believing that in doing so we can establish and maintain the same level of professional relationship that we have with our community based NH lenders over the past 25 years.


Thank you for your interest.


Bill McLean

Your local source for Appraisal Management

Granite State Appraisal Management, LLC